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About Hotel

Aklidi Hotel lies in a verdurous family environment, away from the noises of the city, and it is open all year-round.


Builded with taste and craving, it offers unique moments of rest, calm and personal treatment to it’s visitors.


Aklidi Hotel, is only 180 m from the sea and 1,5 Kml from the center of Mitilene.


Adjusted properly in order to offer every comfort possible, it has everything a family or a couple needs for a pleasant break from every day’s routine.


Our staff, always friendly, will be at your disposal during your vacation. All we can wish is to have a pleasant stay.


Aklidi Hotel is furnished properly in order to offer a comfortable and pleasant stay. Every room has it’s own shower, telephone, Internet, TV, air condition,central heat and wide balcony.


In our dining room you will get the chance to enjoy a well-fixed breakfast and also, you can drink your coffee of your drink at our veranda in a wide open verdurous environment.


On the evening you can enjoy a refreshing drink or coffee on our hotel’s bar along or with your company.


Also through our General Travel Office OliveGroove you can check airplane and boat tickets, rent a car and enjoy trips to Turkey and also you can book a room in whole Lesvos and of course unforgettable excursions and trips.


No pets allowed in the hotel.